About Cherpalcheri SCB

Know our history

The Cherpalcheri Co-operative Urban Bank was started working on 20th Feb 1916 in Cherpalcheri Gramma Panchayath. The bank is going on with great progress. The bank is providing maximum facilities to the customers.

The Cherpalcheri Co-operative Urban Bank Ltd. was registered on 17th December 1915 and started functioning on 20th Feb 1916 as a co-operative society. And the bank was upgraded to Urban Co-operative Bank on 1st July 1937 and started functioning on 28th March 1938. The main branch is situated at Cherpalcheri. The bank is under the administrative control of the co-operative department. The bank has progressed very much and at present the bank has15861 members. Now, the bank has around 28663 deposit holders and 12305 customers who have availed different types of loans. The bank has deposit worth Rs 10357.50 Lakhs and loans amounting to Rs 7828.06 Lakhs. The employees are doing business of Rs 673.54 Lakhs per year. The bank is working under the statutory control of RBI.